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Get Ready For Something New 
At VPC We Are Currently Dreaming For 2017 To Reshape The Look Of Our Family Festival.
Say Tuned For More Details  

Family Festival


VPC's Family Festival is a day of Free, Safe, Fun for the whole family. Come for Carnival Games and Giant Inflatables where children of all ages can play and win prizes ranging from candy to 5 ft tall stuffed animals. 


When you get tired, you can relax and listen for your chance to win one of the many large door prizes.  Enjoy Free refreshments including: hot dogs, snow cones, cotton candy, pop corn and pop/water. 


Following the Carnival's conclusion at 4 PM, the final large door prizes are drawn and the day ends with a Free outdoor concert.


Family Festival 2015 Artist: Manafest

Why not take a second to check out his website:


As mentioned before, this day in entirely free. VPC's desire is that families, no matter their financial situation can enjoy a day as a family!!!


If you would be interested in making a donation or contribution to the Family Festival, we would love to hear from you. To make a donation please contact the office or click the icon below and designate Family Festival.

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